Selvas Tropicales is a book written in Spanish and covers several topics about tropical rainforests, including conservation and protected areas, biodiversity and ecology, environmental activism, consumption, and sustainable development. The book is geared towards students ages 10 and above, and is especially useful for Spanish-speaking youth or Spanish-learners who are also interested in tropical rainforests. The home page of this website includes excerpts from the book. A similar edition of the book is available in English, and is based on Mongabay’s popular website for young readers: Rainforests.

A major goal of this project is to circulate the books widely to young people who may not have the financial resources to buy them, and to provide educators access to the book and related content to use in their classroom. The first link below is for educators, and the second link below contains information about how to donate a book to any classroom(s) of your choice. Your donation could be a great asset to many low-income schools, especially where Spanish-speakers are a majority. Printed copies of the book have been donated to several elementary schools in Northern California, and additional copies have been distributed in Peru in mid-2014.

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